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Why I don’t want to go to school

Hey again, I want to tell you why I’m not going to school anymore. I do try but I just can’t . I have always been looking forward  to going to school but on the last week of school before our three week holiday I felt so sick because I had such a big stomach ache.

I did go to school but I went home before break-time. After the holiday I didn’t go to school…well i sorta did because my nanny was telling the front office how I was feeling.After some talking the one teacher that was there said “to me that sounds like anxiety” and at the time I didn’t know what it meant so i asked her what  it means , and she said”anxiety means that you start hyperventilating and feel anxious”.But as the weeks went by it got worse and my mom  had to get me medicine and i  hope i get better very soon!! Thanks for reading my story BYE!! 🙂

The Good Dinosaur

I did not, I repeat, NOT want to watch Good Dinosaur but my best friend’s little brother loves Dinosaurs so I had to watch it.

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